Sunday, 15 April 2012

In good and bad Company:

I really am loving the new look Company Magazine. It isn't such a new look (its been like this for about 4 or 5 editions), but because it looks so different to the other glossies on the stand it always looks new and interesting to my eye.

It is the unglossiest glossy on the stand. The pages are not shiny and slippery. And (huzzah!) it is a beauty/fashion Mag that isn't 4/5 filled with overly-photoshopped adverts. I like it

And the price is something that I can justify on my tight budget, coming in at a budget busting €2.44 in my local Centra. It costs less than a coffee and a muffin and it has way less calories than either of those two things. It also lasts much longer. I find myself flipping through this well written, well thought out magazine throughout the month, going back to re-read articles or look at the fashion or beauty picks for inspiration.

This is a Mag that has toned down the SOS (Seriously Over Styled) fashion shoots (a la Elle and Glamour) to bring fashion that is still new and inspiring, but wearable and mostly affordable.

May2012 has 2 freebies, a packet of Mentos Chewing gum and a Pencil/liquid eyeliner in Black.

I haven't had the gum, but the Liquid side of the eye-liner looks pretty good.

Its a decent black that dried quickly and didn't budge when I rubbed at it, unlike the pencil part which is a nifty idea, but the formulation is crap (its not black, more grey, smudges into nothing and has zero staying power).

The liquid liner was still on my hands after a marathon cleaning session, which included a good few dunkings in sudsy water. I haven't used it on my eyes yet, I just swatched it on my hand...

But and this is a big BUT:  before you rush off, buy the mag just for the Liner and then lash this onto your eyelids, it contains Formaldehyde. 


 If I hadn't read the packaging I would have missed it, but I decided to check the ingredients and check the amount of product you get and I discovered this. 

So I will not be using this on my skin again. And this goes in the bin.

 It begs the Question: Did the Staff at Company Magazine know this contains a carcinogen? Its a BIG, BIG FAIL, on their part. 

I am loving the actual magazine though. It fits into my handbag easily, isn't too heavy and is interesting to read. At least the gum is fine :)

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