Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Funny...

Warning: this post is FWA (filled with abbreviations)...(and parenthesis)

This post contains my RFL (reason for living). They are my life. My alarm clocks. My best hugs. My proudest achievements, even when they are making me shout (or shake with anger).

This is my DD (dearest Daughter). She is almost 7, going on 14. She can over-dramatise something as trivial as having to pick up her shoes and turn it into "The Tearfest of the week, April 2012. But she has the softest heart, is incredibly empathetic to animals/bugs/humans (in that order) and she loves her daddy with all of her tiny heart. DD shares my love for make-up. She is the most incredible artist and is totally in love with Harry Potter (which we read at bedtime, we have just finished Prisoner of Azkaban). She kills at karaoke. She is my favourite daughter and I would do anything for her.  DD's greatest wish is to swim with dolphins. Or go to Disney World.


DD's version of Ciate's Caviar Lips Promo...

This is TLF (The Little Fella (or The Little Fecker, depending on what mischief he is up to at the time)). Just one short year ago, he had heart surgery, although looking at him (then and now) you would never have thought he needed it. He is just 4, but is the same size as many of the 6yr olds running round in the playground. He is Fearless. He gives the best hugs and often comes up to me just to give me a kiss and tell me he loves me (often followed by : "can I have an Ice Lolly?). Last weekend he ordered my Husband to take the training wheels off his bike. He proceeded to speed down the road, leaving his daddy eating his dust. It took him 15 minutes then he was riding without assistance (it took DD 2 weeks). He is my favourite son and I love him so much it hurts.  TLF's greatest wish in the whole wide world is to be able to fly.


visualisation is key

He was shouting: "I am Peter Pan". No jokes.

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