Friday, 23 March 2012

Super natural...

I have had this here quad in my collection for a good 2 years now. I haven't really used it because I mistakenly thought the payoff was rubbish.

I was wrong (note to husband: I can admit when I am wrong). It wasn't that the shadows that were shite. It was the stupid sponge applicator. I only realised this about a year ago when I treated myself to some super cheap brushes from ELF.


This is the Mocha Latte quad. Its a lovely size, perfect for travel, it has a really decent sized mirror in it too, which is bloody handy.

Its a very neutral quad, colours are very very natural. The payoff isn't fantastic, but it does create a lovely subtle  eye, perfect for conservative work places.

The two shades on the left are shimmer shades, and the two on the right are matte. Top left is a lovely shimmery (not frosty or glittery) pale Cream, perfect for highlighting. Copper (bottom left corner) a lovely metallic shade if you use a heavy hand. Unfortunately it is red based (duh its copper) so it makes me look a bit like I have been crying if I am too heavy handed.

The top right colour is a red based brown, and so its not my favourite shade, but it works nicely as a shader for my brows if I use it sparingly. Bottom right is a Dark Brown is a lovely liner colour, its a dark cool brown (its not red based). It is the most pigmented of the four. My camera refuses to capture the actual colours, I tried (I really did, I took about 48 different shots with various angles/lights/subtle movements) but I just couldn't get the red to come out and show it's face.

As I said, this is perfect for a subtle look. I used the cream all over the lid, right up to my brow bone. Then blended the top right brown very, very, very lightly in the crease. I lined my top lid with Avon Glimmerstick in Blackest Black and used Super Curlacious Mascara on the auld lashes.

It is a handy compact the throw in your handbag. It closes with a good click, but opens easily enough if you push the little button deep enough. I like it, not as much as I like my Sleek Palette, but I have been showing it some love again. I have kept the sponge applicator for emergency touch ups. But then I am never far from my house and a rarely ever actually need to touch up (the kids don't care and the hubs doesn't notice).

There are 9 different quads in the collection, and right at this minute they cost €6.50 of your eurobux. (RRP €11). Contact your local Avon Rep for a book, or search for a regional Rep on Facebook, they should be falling over themselves to help you out.

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