Monday, 12 March 2012

Mani(c) Mondays: Be Pool

This is one of the New Limited Edition from Catrice's Nymphelia Collection.

Be Pool gorgeous. I would describe it as a muddy teal colour with a hint of shimmer. The colour reminds me of my parent's pool. It does need two thin coats to go completely opaque, but one thick one with a good quick drying top coat will do the job too, but I like my thin coats, so I do.

With Flash

I like that it tells you to use a base coat. This is obviously going to stain nails. So use a base coat or risk nice green/yellow nails.

The shimmer is Subtle, Very Subtle (like Bond, James Bond), in the bottle and on the nails.Now, I like a bit of shimmer. Actually I like a lot of shimmer. The Shimmer-er-er, the Better-er-er, if you ask me.

So I decided to layer on a thin layer of Essence Choose Me glitter/shimmer polish on my ring finger as an accent.

No Flash

I like it. Its a different kind of colour, that looks awesome with Jeans and a white tee (and a jersey, we live in Ireland)

I didn't finish it with a top coat though, so it chipped and wore at the tips like a naughty school girl after just 2 days of wear.

But for €2.79, you can't really complain.


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