Monday, 26 March 2012

Itsa hit anna miss...

I have been getting on with Avon quite a bit lately. They have featured quite heavily in my make-up (I love their liners, I really should do a post on them). But I just can't get on with the Colourdisiac Lipsticks.

I don't think you can get them any more (they aren't in Book6), but I paid €4.50 for Satin Sheets in October 2011. I picked up Satin Sheets. I love the colour. Its a beautiful Pink. Gorgeous, perfect for Spring.

It applies like a dream and has great staying power (4 hours before I needed to reapply). This range is quite heavily scented. Its pretty and I don't mind the scent, but I bloody well HATE the taste it leaves in my mouth. I am a lip-licker, well, I mean to say: I lick my lips a lot. So I like my lips to taste nice (cherry/vanilla/mint balms rule) or they must taste like nothing.

When I wear this, I constantly have a horrible gick bitter taste at the back of my tongue. BLAAARRRGGGGH. I actually find myself pursing my lips (like Maggie Smith in Downton Abby), which is not a good look on my 30-something Face.

In the shade, no flash

The colour though, oh, the colour is just lovely. Perfect for spring. When the sky is supposed to be bright, blue and warming but instead its greyer than a zombie's @$$, this is the anti-dote colour.

Heavily applied, no flash

I am far too chicken to do this shade proper justice (I am also too yellow-toned), so I pat it onto my lips lightly and slather on lipbalm (to try to hide that awful taste).

patted on, in full sunlight

On the day that I layered it on to get that Bold Bright Pop of Colour,  it applied like a dream and managed to stay creamy and balm-like on my lips for a good 2 hours, although it looked a bit chalky and tended to settle into any cracks. After that though it was as tough it had stained my lips a really pretty pink and I only really had to top up colour in the center of my lips (where my lips touch/come together) to keep the colour even.

lightly applied, with flash

I just wish it tasted better.

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