Thursday, 22 March 2012

H+K goodness

I was super excited to receive this in the post. SOOPER excited.

I love me some Oil. I have had a love affair with tissue oils for a long time. I love them sooo much, I managed to attract some loving attention from The Mothership of Irish Beauty Blogs itself:, when they did a post about a launch of another tissue oil to hit the Irish market (read about it here)

So using an oil is nothing new to me. I am however on a "No Mineral Oil Fillers" kick and my favourite one contains mineral oil. So I have left off using it on my face and use it on my body instead. But I was left with a bit of a void. I like to use an oil as a serum on the days when my skin feels a bit tight, and this little bottle of All-in-one Body Oil, from Human+Kind (say it Human and Kind) fits in really nicely.

Human + Kind is an Irish company that is into saving women time, by providing a small range of multi-tasking products that are dermatologically tested and allergy screened. They are not into parabens and other chemical nasties. AND they are not into mineral oil fillers. HOOORAY for my skin!

First off, I really like the packaging. Its a bit off kilter and its not square. The box and bottle are fully recyclable. The Box is colourful,eye-catching and different. The bottle that the actual product comes in is functional plastic bottle. It's not fancy, but it is simple, clean.

The top of the bottle has a plastic stopper with a hole in it, and the bottle itself is made of plastic that is soft enough to squeeze easily, so you can easily control the amount of oil that escapes from the hole, either drop by drop, or you can give the bottle a good squeeze and get a good squirt of oil out.

Human + Kind Body Oil can be used on any area of the body. Containing Sunflower oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Soybean oil, natural fragrance (it's not specified what the fragrance is, which is a pity), Vitamin E, and Arnica extract. The blend works really well. It is incredibly smooth and silky. This fineness means that it penetrates and absorbs really quickly, without actually feeling greasy or oily.

Then there is the smell. Some oils can smell a bit funny (I have one that smells like chip-shop-oil), some smell   like oil. This smells Gorgeous though. Its a very, very delicate scent, that disappears extremely quickly... faintly floral, subtly sweet, impossible to pin down exactly.

H+K says that this is a daily care product, All-in-one Body Oil is the ultimate multi-purpose beauty oil created to treat arms, thighs, buttocks, tummies and d├ęcolletage.  It's instantly uplifting and energising fragrance stimulates the senses and is perfect for use as a massage oil, or applying daily to freshly showered skin for a super healthy sexy sheen. Added Vitamin E helps to firm the skin, improving its appearance while also preventing stretch marks by increasing skin elasticity and suppleness.  Cold pressedwheat germ oil provides additional healing and softening action, which makes this body oil a must-get for mums-to-be or dieters who can often experience a lack of skin firmness.

I agree with all of that. This a gorgeous product, that will last ages and ages, as you only need a few drops (I use just 2 drops to treat my face and neck), and a small squirt (10 - 15 drops) into a warm bath will ensure lovely soft skin, Or you could slap some onto damp skin after a shower to really help lock in moisture.

You can find stockists on their web page or you can order direct from their site, where you can also buy the other products in the range: Anti-Ageing cream, €29.95, Family Remedy Cream, €22.95, and Day+Night Cream, €23.95.
You can also find/follow them on FaceBook and Twitter for special offers and announcements.

The All-In-One Body Oil retails at €14.95 for a 75ml Bottle.

***My Bottle was sent to me as a Sample.


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