Friday, 17 February 2012

Pout it out...

When I started my little challenge I thought I was going to find it quite difficult. Lipstick was never a big feature product for me, I was aware of all the fantastic finishes and lovely formulations, but my uneven lips tended to be blended out (foundation lips anyone?) or just dismissively covered in something bland, neutral and uninteresting.

So I really thought I would find it hard to put lipstick on my lips, Monday to Friday, for 2 months. I thought it would be tedious and the bane of my day for the duration of the challenge. But so far I have been quite excited to try a new look based around my lipstick.

Granted, a few of the times I have worn something "unusual" the Hubs has nearly "done his neck" doing a double take at the brightness that may have adorned my visage.

I have genuinely enjoyed the challenge so far.  Even on my "down" days, when I wake up feeling a bit blah, I have found that making a bit of effort has gone a little way to improving my humor and lightening my mood.

This is Pout, by Avon. I have worn it a few times during the challenge. I think it is a pretty, cool toned pink. Well, it is in the bullet, but swatched it changes its spots and warms up a tad (literally and figuratively ;) )

natural light... there is no sunlight in Ireland in spring

It doesn't really "dry", so it seems to smudge a bit and wear off quickly. It leaves loads of marks on my cup or my glass. But that is ok for me, it makes me smile 'cos : "holy shit, I am wearing flipping Lipstick!!!!!"

No flash

Pout feels really a lot like a balm, it is slippy and smooth and comfortable to wear, but if I smoosh my lips together too much, then it can end up outside my natural lip line, which tends to look a bit odd. So, as long as I remember to touch up, it looks pretty.

With flash, baby...

It makes me feel pretty and demure at the same time, so I am tending to pair it with a neutral or natural eye.

So far... so good.

You can still get Pout from Avon. Chat to your Avon Lady, she will love you for it :)


  1. I really like that colour, it's lovely.

    1. Thanks Paula! Its super comfy to wear too! Love it!

  2. That colour is right up my street, love it! x

  3. Such a pretty colour! Glad you're still doing well with the challenge:) x

    1. Thanks lady! I am however struggling with lip-pose-pics :)

  4. would much like to mention thank you for all of your current data , i'm new to running a blog so your site is really a true blessing for the many "noobs" on the market . :)Repechage

  5. You look SO lovely!
    You know me I am a lipstick addict so I advocate everyone and anyone wearing it and having fun! Looks beautiful!


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