Thursday, 23 February 2012

may angels lead you in

I walked down the isle to this song, this day, 5 years ago. Not for the reason most would think.

I don't actually think my husband knows why I insisted on this song. But I do.

Its something that I find tough to put into words, because I know I am going to be judged. It was my tribute to my Granddad. Specifically my Mom's Father. He was my favourite grandparent. I don't want to sound strange. I loved ALL my grandparents, and I miss them all terribly. But I miss my Oupa Arthur the most.

In my little family, I am the eldest Grandchild. And for some strange reason I bonded most strongly with my Mom's Dad. He showed me how to love, heal and treat a sick animal, how to plant and grow onions, potatoes, peppers, sunflowers, cucumbers, spinach and more. I have more photos with him than with any other Grandparent. He spoiled me Rotten. I was the first grand child after-all. I think I got my sense of humour from him. He "gate-crashed" my 21st speech to show people how you were supposed to eat a Taco  and he toasted me with Tequila and asked for another (I had a mexican theme), even though he was not a big drinker and I loved him even more for it.

We had always joked that he would walk me down "The Isle" instead of my dad (who is still alive btw). That "joke" always stuck with me though. And when my dad called and told me that he had passed away suddenly, that was the first thing that crossed my mind before I lost my breath and my mind to grief.
In this song he walked me down the Isle, even though I was holding my Dad's arm, My Oupa was holding my heart.

My kids didn't get to meet him, but they know who he is and how special he was to me. My Grandparent's wedding picture hangs in my hall, along with my Dad's parent's wedding picture and mine. I hope that my marriage will last as well as theirs.

Ps: Happy Anniversary Dave T. You rock.


  1. A lovely post! Very well written! hope you have a wonderful day:)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I do love that song...X

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Great choice of song and such a lovely post Cindy, I'm actually tearing up here.

  4. What a beautiful post! I love that song too, I'm a huge Jimmy Eat World fan!


  5. Aww Cindy I'm bawling. Your post reminded me of the two men I loved the most and lost- my grandad and my best friend. I know exactly the depth of feeling you have for your Oupa, as I have the same for mine. The beautiful song you walked down the aisle to reminds me so much of my best friend who died in an accident at 16.

    Thanks for the beautiful post and for bringing back some memories of happy times gone by.

    Happy anniversary!

  6. Such a wonderful post. You have made me cry as well, I understand the bond you had with him as it sounds like the same I had with my grandfather who passed away a few months back. Although he saw me do so much in my life, I'm devastated that he won't be at my wedding or meet my children. x

  7. omg I'm in bits. You're an amazing writer. Beautiful song and beautiful sentiment. I had the same sadness about my wedding day and my children except it was for my dad. I cry every time I see a bride being walked up the aisle by her father.

    Nic x


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