Monday, 6 February 2012

lil mix... its not what you think!

Right, so on Friday I did this post where I wore the most Emo lipstick in my collection, on its own, in all its dark glory.

I then went back and had another look at a picture of the colour I am coveting and found that if I performed a bit of Kitchen-alchemy and mixed 2 colours, I could get it almost right. I stuck within the same brand and the same finish so that I wouldn't have some kind of odd finish or some weird thing happen on my face (like the colours separating and start flowing off my lips and onto my chin like some crazy paint waterfall) while I was talking to somebody.

So I mixed Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting finish in Shades #01 and #04 .

With Flash
Without Flash

And this is what I ended up with:

1 + 4 = Awesome.
And on the lips: 

Not as purple as you thought it would be. Longevity was pretty good, It lasted most of the morning, fading evenly and nicely. I had to re-apply in the afternoon. I didn't get a funny look from the Hubs, so he must be getting immune.

To my eye its very 1950's Dark Red. Almost a blood colour. I need a better complexion to pull the colour off nicely, but if I wear all black then it doesn't look too bad.

Just ignore the hair, it is desperate for a trim & colour and it's letting me know. It was channelling Jungle-chic and I had to tame it.


  1. Looks lovely on you! Great idea I must try!

  2. They look great mixed, I really like the shade as its not too dark but the red isn't in your face x

    1. I was surprised at how the dark purple brightened the red instead of making it darker, and how different it looked on my lips compared to on my hand. Oh well. A happy accident!


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