Wednesday, 1 February 2012

its got a long name but it does the job...

Another budget-friendly buy from Aldi, this is Lacura Aqua-Complete Multi-Intensive Serum with Marine Extracts and shea butter. It costs €4.99.

I purchased this just before Christmas after experiencing a slight change in my skin's moisture retention levels. My day cream just didn't seem to be "cutting the mustard" and I needed something extra to get me through the festive season. I was also on an extremely tight budget (as most people were and still are) and this fit the bill. As you can see, this is just shy of half full, after constant use since 2 December 2011.

I did check the ingredients listing, mainly because I wanted to check that some kind of alcohol didn't appear in the first 5 ingredients. I didn't see anything suspicious, so. In addition to shea butter and "marine extracts", this also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Macadamia nut oil, so if you are allergic to nut oils, steer clear of this.

one fully depressed pump gives this much. 

The box says to "apply to face and neck after cleansing and rub in gently. May be applied on its own or before your usual day or night cream". So that is what I do. At night, I do my usual double cleanse (in the mornings I just do a single cleanse, dontcha know) and tone with my Liz Earl toner and then pump out one full pump of a cool, white, gel-cream onto my fingers. I warm it by rubbing between my fingers and then pat it onto my face and rub it in gently. One pump is enough to do my whole face and most of the way down my neck.

Contained in a heavy glass bottle with a screw off pump, first impression is that this is soft, watery, and lightly fragranced. Even though this is billed for all skin types, I think sensitive skins will not tolerate this. However, my border-line skin tolerated this well.

The fragrance is light and fresh and disappears quickly. The serum sinks in really quickly, doesn't feel oily and didn't make my skin break out. In fact, when I had my brush with glass shards, I found this was one of the things that actually helped my skin recover.  I still need to use my day cream and my night cream, but my skin is definitely not looking "ravaged by central heating". Its not a miracle worker, but it has helped, quite a bit.

If you can afford better, then by all means, go for it. There are a load of other serums out there that will do what this serum does and more. But if you are on a budget and are looking for something just to add a moisture boost during the cold months, then this is a go-er.


  1. It's great finding budget buys that actually work.

    1. its does what is says on the tin, no more, no less. Good for those on a budget. But there are better ones out there!
      ps: thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


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