Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hydra+ gets an A+ from me

I found my current HG* (holy grail) night cream.

This is the end of my Third pot. *sob* Thank goodness pay-day is 2 days away, because, as you can see, I am running a bit low...

Made by RoC, Hydra+ 24h Comfort Nourishing Cream Rich is one of three in the 24hr Comfort Nourishing Cream range. Aimed 20-somethings who are on the go 24 hours a day, the 50ml acrylic pot retails at a fairly purse friendly €17.95. I am not using this as it is meant to be used though, cos that's how I roll.

I am using this as a night cream. Its not doing anything fancy like plumping my skin or filling out wrinkles or blasting my blasted pregnancy-related-pigmentation into non-existence, but it is making my skin more comfortable.

With my combination skin, You would think I would go for one of the ones targeted at normal - combination skin, but I am really, really liking the one formulated for dry skin.  Its moisturising the places that are prone to dryness while not over moisturising the oily bits. I am REALLY liking it.

The cream has a lovely texture, and a very light scent that goes away after a few minutes. Even though it is thick, it spreads and warms easily and a little does go a long way. At night after cleansing, I use a pea sized amount of cream, warm it between my fingers before smoothing it onto my skin. It sinks in quickly without leaving a residue and my skin feels lovely and soft and cocooned. Did I mention I like this stuff? Cos I really do.

Using it every night, this tub lasts me around 5 months, working out to just €3.59 per month. Awesome and totally Affordable. Also can I just say that I con't care that it comes in a tub, because I use this straight out of the shower, so my fingers are clean. CLEAN.

yes, I only blobbed a little bit of the cream, I only have a teeny bit left so...

As I said its not worked miracles on my skin, but then I never expected it to. It hasn't clogged my pores, it has kept my skin nicely hydrated and I wake up with soft skin, if I am in a hurry in the mornings I don't have to worry about putting face cream on before running out of the door to get the kids to school. And on some of those days, I may, or may not, have not bothered to come home and put on any make up or day cream. And my skin has been just fine.

The little bit of cream that is left in the tub, is going to last me 2 days. And its going to be 2 very long days...

 * See how I am able to avoid all the backlash when I find my next HG night cream but stating that this is my Current one?? Clever me ;)


  1. I love this stuff, it worked brilliantly on my dry skin. I used it both morning and evening so ran out a lot faster than you.

    I'm now trialling a Vichy (Nutrilogie 2, I think) one at night, which is great too.

  2. I've never tried this! How have I not?Every night cream Ive used seems to be too heavy for my skin!I've been using number 7 protect and perfect serum as it's a bit lighter. Want to have a look for this now!



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