Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy Hippy...

Lush have been putting out some great bits and bobs lately. This is another one of them.

I know that Lush Happy Hippy Hair and Body Gel contains SLS, and normally this would make me think twice about using it. But it was a gift (in the Wild Child Gift Box that Lush do) and it smelled sooooo yummy when I opened it, I couldn't let it just sit there.

I wish smell-o-vision was around so that you could smell the gorgeousness that is Happy Hippy. Especially if you love citrussy smells. This smells exactly like Grapefruit. EXACTLY!!!!! They even managed to capture the bitter undertone of real grapefruit. It is awesome and definitely my favourite smell from them so far.

Its not sweet at all, just fresh and zingy with that zestful bitterness that you expect from a grapefruit. You would think that I would only use this in the mornings to wake up, but because it lacks the sweetness (that some manufacturers insist on lacing "grapefruit" products with ), I use this at night and I find that it helps to clear my mind before bed. I find it calming, oddly.

I fear I have a bit of hidden hippy in me, but at least its the clean good-smelling kind. Thank goodness its not the Hydrophobic kind...

The bubbles are silky soft, super fine and pretty moisturising. I don't really feel the need to moisturise after I use this. You can use this as a shampoo as well, as it contains conditioning ingredients, but its not enough for my thick hair. I have tried it though and it does leave your hair smelling awesome and would be good for girls with fine hair that need very little in the way of conditioning.

A little bit of this murky yellow gel goes an extremely long way, I got the smallest bottle available in the Gift set, which is 100grams, I have used it around 15 times and I still have three quarters of a bottle left. You only need a teaspoon of gel poured onto a nylon shower poof-scrubby-thing to ensure a mound of lovely citrussy bubbles that cover your whole body and then some.

I recon I still have at least another 30 showers in it. If I can get the Hubs to leave it alone...

You can get yours online at where a 100gram bottle costs just £3.15.  Or you can pop into your local store....


  1. I love Lush for shower products, The Olive Branch is my favourite shower gel.

    I agree about only needing a small amount each time so even the smallest bottle lasts well.

  2. Great choice, such an uplifting scent. Love all the Lush shower gels, one for every mood :)


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