Friday, 3 February 2012

Emo #4

Ok. #4 from the Kate for Rimmel lasting finish lipstick, is probably the hardest shade to wear. Well, it is for me anyway.
Emo face anyone? Anyone? No? eh well...

I feel a bit like some kind of unsure Emo (no offense to totally-sure-about-yourself-Emo's). And to be honest, I look like an unsure Emo too. Maybe its the White scarf. It probably should have been black.

Have I been sucking on a black marker? erhm... no?

But I did find a way to wear this dark, deep purple shade. More on that on Monday though.

my teacher always said I had trouble colouring inside the lines...

Longevity with this colour is awesome. Even though it did transfer onto my cup with every sip, I had loads of colour left on my lips after 4 hours. It wore off to a lovely berry stain-effect by the time the Hubs got home, which is just as well because I think he would have doubted his "love" of my creativity... as it goes, he passed no comment, so I must have looked alright :)

You need to be careful to stay within the lines of your lip (or use a liner, but I am just too lazy to faff) because it can stain a bit outside the lips.. It is extremely comfortable to wear, it doesn't really dry, but it does settle to a lovely satin finish.

Swatches: L-R: #1, #2, #4, #8, #12

You can get this at your local Rimmel Stockist for just under €7.


  1. I must invest in a few new lipsticks! Have a lovely weekend:)

    1. Thanks Anne. I am loving the formulation of the Rimmel ones. They are really comfortable to wear, even if the colours are a bit mad!


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