Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Daring to wear red...

There is no Special K in this post. I am aware that this is their current tag line. That is the first and probably last time you will see that cereal mentioned on this blog. I bloody hate the stuff and its underhanded advertising strategy.

I went out last week and wore RED lipstick. For the first time in my life. It was just dinner and drinks at a friends house and it was all girls, but still. I wore RED lipstick in public.

Its another Kate Moss for Rimmel shade. Tonight its #01 and its gorgeous(!!!!) when swatched.

#01 is the first swatch on the left

Never, ever thought I could wear red, but trying this, I was comfortable enough to go to my friends house and spend time in the company of others (not just my computer screen) and socialise.

I even got a nod of approval from the hubs before leaving the house

I did feel a bit self conscious. But I got over it.

As with the other Kate Moss lippies I have tried so far, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. Glossy with great colour pay off. I was a little scared at first, but I thought, ah bugger it and lashed it on. In hindsight, I should have been more careful and used a brush to get nice straight lines. Ah well, next time.

I got a lot of transfer onto my glass, but it lasted about 3 hours before I had to touch up. The colour wore off fairly evenly, I wasn't left with a weird red line around my natural lip line. It didn't dry my lips out as I expected it to, but it did leave a faint stain on my lips that I only noticed when I got home and took of my make-up. Nothing that a few hours of sleep couldn't get rid of.

I paired it with a neutral eye (Bring me frosted cake by Catrice, with Avon Gel Shock eyeliner in Plumful, and Black Avon Super curlascious Mascara) and a teensy bit of Nars Orgasm Blush. Foundation is also by Catrice and its the photo-ready one.

So what do you think?

Am I crazy to attempt this colour?

Is my skin tone too sallow for this?

Or does it look as Okay as I think it does?


  1. It suits you, gorgeous colour too.

  2. it looks great!think I might need to try it!

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie. These Rimmel ones are lovely to wear!

  3. Red looks great on you! You definitely should wear it more often!

  4. OH MY!
    I was in hospital when you posted this so totally missed it!
    YOU HAVE TO WEAR RED MORE OFTEN, you look like a Hollywood star!
    I love it!
    So proud, My mum is also of the opinion you look STUNNING!

    1. hahaha! Thanks Lady. I will try to wear red more often!


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