Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Coral Bliss

I have been trying to get a little Liner Flick right for ages. And I have been trying a few different medium to see what is best and easiest for me.

This is ELF Liquid liner in Midnight. Its a dark blue liquid that wears quite well. It isn't waterproof, but once it had dried it didn't budge for the day, and it didn't flake off either. It costs £1.50 or €1.70 excl delivery.

The applicator is a bit fiddly to work with at first, as it has a tendency to just blob a massive amount of liner onto the area where you first touch it, so you need to scrape off 90% of the product on the edge of the bottle and then lightly drag it across the lid, to get even colour distribution. The tip is quite firm and can be a bit scratchy, so watch out for that.

 The pigmentation is fantastic though, and as I said, once it dries, it is sticking around for the day.

The applicator tip is lovely and fine, so it will give a nice easy skinny flick with very little effort. I haven't tried anything more dramatic with this yet.

On the lips today is another limited edition lipstick/balm from Avon. The colour is Coral Bliss

I cannot remember what the actual line was called, but I am sorry I didn't get another one, cos they smell like peaches and are more like a highly pigmented balm than a Lipstick.

 They are quite moisturising, give a lovely colour and don't leave a bad taste on the lips.

An easy look to bang on in 6 minutes to do the school run. I have been doing this quite a bit lately, a bit of primer on the lids, Liner and a lash of Lippie and running out the door and I am liking the ease of it. But I don't want to get stuck in a rut...


  1. Love the look of the lippie, it's gowjus :)

  2. I'm sure you won't, but if you do get stuck in a rut, what a pretty rut to get stuck in! xo


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