Thursday, 16 February 2012

Control your lashes, they be outta control!!!!

This is Lash Control Volumizing and Conditioning Mascara in 2X Black. It is made in "Amerikay" hence the "Z" in volumising.

I generally tend to stick to the budget brands, the stuff dries out so I am not gonna spend major bucks on it. This is the most expensive mascara I have ever tried coming in at €20 from the Lovely Ladies at Cloud10 Beauty (, and I didn't even buy it with my own yoyos, They sent it to me to try.
It comes packaged beautifully, in a lovely cardboard tube, and when you open that, the actual mascara is sealed in vacuum-shrunk plastic, so you can rest assured you are the first one to open it. I like it already.

When you peel off the plastic the first thing that is immediately different to any other mascara I have ever seen is the purple squishy silicone area on the tube. This is the clever part of the mascara. Cos when you squish this squidgy purple bit while pulling the actual wand out of the tube, YOU control how much "lash batter" (fanks CherrySue) is left on the brush as you remove it from the tube.

So a bit of simple maths:
Hard Squish = Less Product on the brush
Soft Squish = More Product on the brush.

The formulation is lovely and kind to the lashes, it contains loads of conditioning ingredients and I have to say that my lashes feel pretty good, even after wearing everyday (yes EVERYDAY, I tested the heck out of this mo-fo), for 2 weeks, my lashes don't feel brittle or dry, In fact, they kind of felt like I had been using some kind of conditioner on them. I think this is also down to the fact that you don't need to use a dedicated make-up remover to remove the product.

You can actually just use water on a cotton pad to remove the product. I have tested this a few times. And you can do it with minimal effort. A bit of warm water onto two cotton pads, then place the moist (not sopping wet) pads onto your eye, hold and relax for 20 to 30 seconds and then gentle wriggle in a downward motion. Voila, 90% of the product is off. Awesome. I then generally just use my normal cleanser to cleanse my face, cos water does sweet "nuffink" for my eye-shadow.  But after I have cleansed, there is not a trace of mascara left.

I am, in general, Loving this stuff.

Love: Even though its easy to remove, it has very good staying power.

Love:  Its build-able, it doesn't leave you with spidery, stuck-together-lashes. See the pics.

Love: Its black, proper carbon black.

Love:  It dries quickly, within 20 seconds, and then you can sneeze or squeeze your eyes closed without little lines on your eyelids or under your eye. But it doesn't dry hard. It stays soft and flexible.

Love: Even though I have used it everyday for 14 days, it hasn't dried out at all.

Right, this is what the "batter" looks like on the lash.

Well the first 2 are Naked lashes:

This is one coat:

This is two coats. I squished hard as I didn't want to overload the lashes and get it all over the eyelid.

I only have two issues with this, one is a very small one, the other is a user issue (I think).

The first small issue is that the mascara tends to flake off after its been on for a while. Not badly, but if you look closely you will notice it. Granted this is after a good solid 6 or 7 hours of wear.

The other issue is that I tend to end up with mascara smudged on my eyelid after applying. I seriously do think this is just me though, as I am a bit careless when I wield and wiggle my wand.

All in all I really like this. For me, personally, it is a bit pricey at €20 for a tube, especially as my last tube of Lash Batter (it doesn't get old!) cost me a 5er. But considering that you will not be wiping excess product onto a tissue (or your hand) and wasting it, it should last a bit longer. Its not the most expensive tube of mascara, but it is on the higher side of mid-ranged ones. I think it is worth it though, and I would actually splash the cash for this, especially if I was looking to treat myself.

I am keen to try the other offering that is available in Ireland (at the moment), Natural Black, which Lengthens and Conditions. Roll on payday...

Plus, it looks interesting and stands nicely on the dresser.

Get yours today from the Lovely Peeps at Cloud10 Beauty, and don't forget to choose your 3 free samples too!

 This was a PR Sample and this post contains my honest opinion. 

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