Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What Rhymes With Orange...

I am pretty sure this is not a colour I can carry off. I am sure there are loads of lovely ladies who can, but this colour orange on my skin tone just doesn't sit well.

Rimmel Lasting Lipstick By Kate in shade #12 even more neon than OCC's Queen is and try as I might, I feel like a bit of an eejit doing the school run with this on. My skew lips don't help matters.

 I am pretty sure my elderly neighbour thought I was the clown from "IT" (the movie) when I smiled at her this morning. She clutched her hubby's arm in shock when she saw me and then visibly paled when I smiled (rather brightly) at her. I think she was happy that she hadn't had her cataracts removed yet.

However much I may not like the colour, it wears fantastically well. I got a good 3 (almost 4) hours out of the colour (and 3 cups of coffee and 2 ryevitas) and not a dry patch or flake in sight. Very good for a budget lipstick that I am trying to get off my lips in a most surreptitious way (rubbing lips together vigorously, licking often).

Its opaque when applied straight from the bullet and is creamy on the lips, almost like balm, but with less slip. I have to say I quite like the feel of this while I am wearing it. Its really comfortable. And being a lipstick newbie, having something feel comfortable on your lips makes it easier to wear.

Even though I won this one, I think the price point is pretty reasonable, coming in at under €7, it is not going to break the bank. While shade #12 might not be easy on the eye, it's easy enough on the purse.

Packaging is fairly functional, black plastic with Kate's signature in red in the lid. A bit easy to lose to the bottomless pits of my Handbag though, so if this doesn't make an appearance for the challenge again... I will know where to go digging for it when Halloween comes around...

reminder of the shades I was sent.


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