Monday, 16 January 2012

Using what I have...

I love Jewellery.  Love it. But I hardly ever wear it. So it just sits in the box (that I bought it in) and I always promise myself that I will wear it... I hardly ever do.

I can't afford the good stuff, so I prowl around Penneys (Primark) and find bits that satisfy my inner magpie.

Having seen some beautiful, interesting pieces all over the place, (check out for interesting bits), but since I am trying to save for some decent skincare, I am doing the Recessionista thing and "shopping my stash".

I didn't really make any set resolutions this year. I decided to give myself the year off, so I am just kind of winging it for 2012. With this in mind, I am hoping to wear more of my jewellery this year. No wait. I would like to wear more of my Jewellery this year.

We are well into January and so far I am not doing too badly. I have worn a necklace every day this year so far (except Sundays) and I am mostly remembering to wear my rings. I have some pretty earrings that I am saving for the end of Jan to keep me inspired

Little Giesha Girl With Bow (Penneys €1.50)

Butterflies (Avon €6 on sale)

One of my Favourite pieces an Amber ring. This was a gift for my 21st Birthday from my now husband. I show this ring a lot of love.

My Davey Grohlton Mustachio ring I won in a package from Sara (love thing). 

Nomination Bracelet I got from a Best-ie. With this you are able to choose your charms and fit them in, in any order you like and with tons of choice for charms you can make it mean what you like. These are my charms so far:

Skew Sparkle Heart (Avon €7 on Sale)

A gift for my 30th Birthday from The hubs and the kids. Its a Green shell heart (for Hubs), a Blue shell heart (TLF) and a Pink shell heart (DD) all in a big silver heart (mine). Love it. Its pretty and delicate.

And so that I can remember to wear my jewellery for the week I am putting things into this pretty little box (part of a set of three from Ikea) and keeping it next to my foundation bottle.


  1. Omg I love that geisha girl necklace!! Total bargain!!


  2. We have a Penneys sale store in town so I go in there when I am looking for my bling fix. So worth a bit of a rummage sometimes!


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