Monday, 9 January 2012

Patons Eye Make Up Remover Pads...

I won this unassuming little plastic pot of eye make-up remover pads last year.

Info for this little jar of 30 pads is scant on the web, I had a really good look around in my local Boots (Dundalk) and asked at both my local village pharmacies to see if they had then or had heard of them and nothing. You can pick them up from wholesale websites (for next to nothing), but on many of them you need to place a minimum order of  £50. Er maybe when I win the lotto :)

The little white plactic jar with a screw top lid contains 30 very textured cotton pads covered in Paraffinum Liquidum (plain old mineral oil) and is fragrance free. I haven't used this everyday, only on the days where I have used a load of mascara on my lashes and liner on my lids when I know that trying to remove it with my ordinary cleanser will just turn into a rub-fest, and so far its working really well.

I use one pad per eye as I don't want to spread potential infections from one eye to the other. I place the pad over one eye and leave it for about 20 - 30 seconds to start working and then gently wiggle the pad down over the lashes to remove the residue. When I am happy that I have removed the mascara, I turn it over and use the other side to get rid of any product I may have used in my brows. Then I toss the pads in the bin and use my proper cleanser to get rid the oily residue and the rest of my make-up.

The pad is rough, so if you do get these BE GENTLE! Scrubbing with this will result in broken skin! And walking around with scabby red watering eyes is not attractive.

I wear monthly contact lenses and if you do get a bit of the residue into your eyes it does make your lenses blurry but does not sting (with or without lenses).When/if this happens to you, I suggest that you get your lenses out of your eye STAT and get them rinsed, cleansed and into solution if this happens, as mineral oil is not good for lenses and will damage them. 

I have about 10 pads left, enough for 5 more uses, but I don't think I will be replacing this as I just can't find them.

There is a lot of negative press for mineral oil (just google it), but mineral oil is one of the ingredients that will help shift waterproof mascara and liner. It is non-reactive on most skins but sensitive skins should be careful with ANYTHING they put near their skin. Its not something that I use every day and I wash off any residue pretty much immediately, so I am happy enough to use it on the occasions that I wear heavy eye make-up.

A bit of "Beauty 101" :-
- Don't ever scrub at your eyes to get make-up off. If you have used waterproof make-up on your eyes then use a product formulated to remove waterproof make-up.
- Take your Time. Especially around your eyes. Take the time to let the product soak into the make-up so that it softens, then mascara will pretty much just slide off and you shouldn't need more than a few gentle passes or sweeps (from just under your eyebrows down over your lid and continuing over the lashes) to remove everything from the skin surrounding the eyes.

You only get one face... Look after it :o)


  1. An alternative to these when they run out is to use a little baby oil on a cotton wool pad...again it's mineral oil based, but I find it works really well for me.


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