Monday, 23 January 2012

Merry Monday Melody...

WARNING : Video contains adult content. 

Today's Merry Monday Monday Melody is somewhat..... risqué. Consider yourself warned.

Once the kids have been dropped off at school on a Monday and I get back to the house, I breathe a massive sigh of relief (I swear the house does too), and get started on cleaning.

To help, I put on some "Grown-Up" music. Not the bow-chicka-wow-wow kind of adult music. The heavy loud, angry, crazy adult music and get stuck in. Its not the kind of video I want my 4- and 6yrs old to see, so I save it for my mornings when I am at home alone.

This is Probot. And the song is called Shake Your Blood.

And yes.... that is Dave Grohl back on drums. Awesome.

Probot is Grohl's tribute to his favourite heavy metal bands that he grew up listening to. On the album, Grohl wrote all of the music and performed most of the instrumentation. Each track on the album features a different lead singer and some of the singers who contributed to this album didn't even work directly with Grohl, instead, the tapes were shipped from studio to studio until the album was finished. How awesome is that??? 

I know its not to everyone's taste, but I am loving it at the moment.

It is just the thing to shake out the weekend cobwebs of your head and get you banging into Monday. And its a lot naughty. What's not to like : ) 

Happy Monday


  1. Not too gone on the video but the song is great.

    You gotta love Dave Grohl.

  2. You have such good taste in music!


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