Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lightbulb Moment... Part One.

I have been telling my Mom for ages that Berry lippy shades really really suit her. Ages. And they really do look good on her.

You would think that I would have copped on that berry shades would sit me too. You'd be wrong.

So far I have stuck with nudes and sheer pinks as I haven't really wanted to draw attention to my un-even, lopsided lips. You can just go ahead and call me scaredy pants. 

I saw this post on Pretty Easy channelling a vintage vibe with raisin lips and I had lightbulb  moment. Duh.

 If the berry shades suited my mom so well they should suit me too!!!

I had a dig through my extremely limited lipstick collection to see if there was anything I would be able to mix up to get the raisiny/berry colour featured.
I had nothing.
So I popped out to my favourite Pharmacy (Bradleys in Blackrock Dundalk) and had a browse of their Catrice and Essence stands to see if I could find something cheap and cheerful to experiment with before committing. Nothing really in the actual Lipstick offerings, but I found 2 glosses.

I picked up these two bitties:

Catrice Colour Show Colour & Stay Lipgloss in "Pearl Jam" (#120) for €4.29 and  Essence Stay With Me Long Lasting Lip Gloss in "berry me" (#06) for €2.49.

This could turn into a very long post because I wanted to test out both thoroughly (one has a 4hour longevity claim) and I took pics after 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours of wear for both.  So I split it into two parts:

And part one has Catrice stepping up first.

"Infinite colour lip gloss, lasts up to 4 hours" is what it says on the back of the phial. Although it was the colour that caught my eye,when I saw the name (Pearl Jam is one of my favourite bands) the deal was sealed. 

This is definitely a raisin-ey/ deep berry/ burgundy colour, shot through with fine silver and blue micro shimmer in the tube. The shimmer is just for show in the tube though, as it doesn't come out on the lips. It smells vaguely fruity, but its not over powering and it doesn't taste bad either, a little sweet, but not unpleasant.

 Its not sticky and its not slimy which is great. Its fairly well pigmented for a gloss and gives a lovely colour to my lips without being scary and its exactly the colour I was going for.

With the flash on white paper to try to get the shimmer to show up :)

The 4 hr claim is pants. I got mine to last almost 3 hours. And all I had was one cup of coffee. So I suppose its not that bad. But its never going to stand up to a night out without regular top-ups.
Here is the photographic evidence. This is my natural lip colour:  

This is immediately after putting it on.

 Then after 1 hour and 1 cup of coffee. 

Two hours later...

 and after 3 hours there is no real colour left... boo.

The wand is a new shape for me. Its long and skinny. Very long and very skinny and fairly flexible.. The very skinny applicator sponge does make precise application a cinch.

 But I think its just a tad too long.

If its cold, then you are going to struggle to get this formulation out of the tube. So you need to carry this close to your body for a bit or put it close to the radiator so that it warms up and loosens up a bit before you use this. 

I do like the colour and it is exactly what I was looking for. And I don't think it looks too bad on me :)

What do you think?

As I was editing this I got a twitter message from Sarah at Pretty Easy telling me that I am the lucky winner of her Kate Moss Lippy Give-away!!! Yay! Now I have will have a half decent lippy collection.


  1. That is gorgeous on you! Haven't tried the Catrice gloss but I love those Essence ones, I have a couple at home.

    Well done on your win, it's a fab prize! xo

  2. Thanks Ms Fluff! I am still not entirely sold on the essence ones, but the search continues!

  3. I really like the berry shades on you, they make your eyes look really warm and vibrant! Congrats again on the win!

  4. You look fab! I must try deeper shades too. I always veer towards pale pink and peachy tones! Congrats on the win:)

  5. They really do suit you! Lol I can't believe you were telling your mum she'd suit them and didn't think you would too! So funny.


  6. Thanks for reading and commenting Ladies. I know, I am a bit of a dumbie sometimes :)


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