Monday, 30 January 2012

Almost Famous...

I won 5  "Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate" Lipsticks  from Pretty Easy a few weeks ago, just a few days after she did this post, which started the search for the right mulberry-toned lip product.

Thank you Kate Moss (and Sarah, author of Pretty Easy), because I am loving these little bullets of  satiny-almost-glossy colour. And for approx €7, these are wonderfully pigmented, non drying, pretty well-lasting colours. I am smitten.

Packaging is functional, with the colours given numbers as opposed to names, which suits me fine. A chic black plastic tube with a lid that soft-snaps shut, with Kate's signature in red, contains a creamy bullet of colour that smells awesome and doesn't leave a funny taste (at the back of your tongue) after licking your lips.

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When these tubes of highly pigmented colour arrived in the post, I admit, I baulked. Wow. Some of these colours were a bit "out there" for me. But oh, achingly beautiful. The kinds of colours I lust after (I look but never actually purchase) over on other blogs. Gorgeous, powerful colours for Gorgeous powerful ladies.

Swatched L-R: 01, 02, 04, 08, 12
I am still a newbie to them myself, so I generally tend to stick to sheer muted colours. But since I now have these, I am bloody well going to wear them and do them justice. So I have set myself a challenge.

For the next 2 months, I have to wear lipstick, Proper Lipstick (see the caps there? means I am serious) on week days. If I manage to wear it on weekends too, bonus points. If I manage to keep this up for the two months, then I will go out and treat myself to a Dior or Chanel.

Lucky for me, I have 5 brand spanking new colourful shades to get me started on my challenge.

This is shade #08 on my lips at 08h40. I was running late to get the kids to school, so its a very basic face (foundation, Black liner and black mascara), but I am wearing lippy.  It's a lovely dusty-rosey-nudey shade, Definitely more flattering on me, than the brownish nudes that I have been wearing. The formulation is really easy to apply, gives a lovely sheen and colour to my lips.

My lips are fairly pigmented, so on me, this is a "my lips but better" colour. I like it.

I remembered to re-appy at noon just before I went to go get my son. Although when I did this, I noticed that I probably didn't need to re-apply, but I did anyway, because I like the way it felt and looked on my lips and the way it smells. And then just before I started the dinner (at 4:30pm) I re-aplied again (domestic goddess I am). So longevity is pretty good.

 And its not drying at all, in fact after 2 hours the slip that is left almost feels like I have a bit of balm on. Nice.

Must be honest and say I never thought I would own anything like these, they are not colours I would have bought for myself, but I am glad I won these as it has encouraged me to try new things.
So what if they don't suit me.
At least I can say I tried.

Anyways, a quick summary:
Pigmentation : Good. Opaque in one swipe
Longevity : Pretty Good, I got almost 4 hour out of one application
Application : Easy, straight from the bullet, no brush necessary, mistakes are not obvious
Packaging : Functional, Black plastic.
Cost : Budget friendly €7
Availability: Boots, Pharmacies, Rimmel stockists.


  1. That looks really pretty on you. Good luck with your challenge! xo

  2. That's a gorgeous colour on you. Enjoy the lipstick wearing challenge.

  3. The pigmentation looks great. Good luck with the challenge, I love your treat at the end of challenge, great incentive!:D x

  4. Loving these colours and a huge good luck!


  5. The colour is perfect for you!

    Fair play for your challenge, red lipstick terrifies me (on me) :)


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