Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Luscious Lips for less

I have blogged about these little beauties previously (here) and I am still loving these lots.

From Eyes Lips Face or ELF, this Luscious Liquid Lipstick (I Love me a bit of alliteration yippee!) costs a Bank Breaking €1.70 / £1.50 (for 1.5g).

ELF says:

 The colour sticks around for a good 3 hours before I need to top up the colour. I am pretty rough with my lips, I lick them, bite them, rub them, moosh them, burn them (I like my coffee HOT), and while I only really have to look fairly presentable for 20 minutes in the morning for the school drop off and 20 minutes in the afternoon for the school pick up, I do like to be able to look the other parents in the eye without scaring them. So to get 3 hours out of one Slick of fairly poorly applied lippy is a bonus, I don't claim to be a professional make-up applier so my application technique is probably abismal.

Your lips do need to be in fairly good nick to stop colour settling into cracks and flakes, so I like that they reccomend using a lip balm before application to get the most out of the product. It smells lovely and sweet, without being over-powering.

When you first get it you do need to twist the bottom dial about 12 - 17 times round to get the colour to ooze though onto the fuzzy applicator. And one to two clicks gets enough product out to coat both upper and lower lips. You do need to be careful not to apply too much of this as it can look gloopy and slip past your actual lip. It does feel very moisturising when its on, and my lips have definitely been looking much better using this (in conjunction with my handbag hero). Its a very comfortable formula to wear that doesn't dry our lips out. 

 This is the ingredients listing if you are interested....

And the Swatches : Raspberry is on the Left and Pink Lemonade on the right -

The best way I can describe Raspberry is that its a very light red. Its a very pretty easy intro into red for me as I am totally scared of a proper grown-up glam Hollywood Marilyn red. I might get there one day, when I am big. But for now I like this one :)

The Pink Lemonade is a lovely shimmery pink that is easy to wear while still giving a lovely colour. Both formulations are fairly well pigmented without being scary and I like that they are a bit glossy and Lush 

 As I said longevity is pretty good for something that costs less that a healthy loaf of bread, and with 12 different colours, you should find something that you like :)

What do you think? Have you got one? Will you get one?

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