Thursday, 24 November 2011

saving face....

...cloths from getting manky.

I am a big fan of "hot cloth" cleansers.

Liz Earl was my first. After seeing  many recommendations for it over on, I succumbed and ordered it. That was back in 2008. I L O V E D the stuff. I loved the cloths even more though.

For the last 3 years I have faithfully ordered my cleanser online every 3 months. I would always order a few cloths as well. Cos after a few weeks of make-up removal they go grey. Or a funny brown in my case (due to my brown mascara habit). Even after washing. At 60 Degrees. With Bio and non-bio washing powder.

I then cottoned (ha ha) on to soaking them overnight in a plastic bowl with water and milton (the sterilising solution).

But that stopped working too and I was left with a pile of grey cloths. And maybe its just me, but I feel like it's going to leave a grey patina behind on my face. So I like them to be mostly white.

Then I got tired of having to order my cleanser online. So I moved on to Boots No7 offering... But it only comes with one cloth. I love the cloth. But it only comes with one cloth.

So. How to stop the cloths from getting manky?

I had a little light bulb moment a few weeks ago.

What if you use wipes to do a "Pre-Cleanse". We all know we are not supposed to use wipes. They are not the best for sensitive skins.

But it wouldn't be so bad if you used them to take the majority of your slap off and then use proper cleanser to cleanse the residue of the wipes. That way the worst of the colour is on the disposable wipe and not all over your nice white muslin cloths.

Or you can always just do what Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff did....

Buy black face cloths... hmmm do you think my muslins would take to black dye??

ps: the pics are courtesy of Karen's blog The Art of Doing Stuff


  1. Hey,Deirdre here. I use the Liz Earle also and had the same trouble with the cloths! I also got the brainwave to do a pre-cleanse of the eye area with some cotton pads.(my skin freaks out at wipes :< ) I just put on some Liz Earle, wet the cotton pads, gently remove the eye makeup. Then do an allover cleanse with the cloth. Perfect! :) Lovely to read ur blog btw ..

  2. Deirdre that is a fab Idea, I have some horrible Penneys Cotton pads that I need to use up! Thanks for the tip, and also thanks for reading & commenting!

  3. No probs :) Great Blog, hope you and family are feeling better soon.


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