Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Masters of the....

.... Face masks.

I am trying to work my way through all of the stuff I found in various boxes, drawers, cupboards etc during the move.

Only thing is of all of the face masks I had, I didn't have anything to help my poor skin transition into winter. I had all sorts of oil absorbing, pore clearing, anti-blemish masks. But nothing that would help me put a bit of much needed moisture into my skin after some elemental exposure.

One quick trip to boots and I came home with just three things... "Oh Skew, how restrained of you!".

And I paid less than €5 for all three. Cos they were on offer, 3 for 2. "Oh Skew, how budget savvy of you"

I have heard good things about the sanctuary brand. So I picked up 2 Moisture Boosting Masks and a Time Reversal Face Mask.

I have only used the Moisture mask so far and I am loving it.

On opening it is quite heavily scented, this is due to the plant extracts and essential oils but I like it. The smell does dissipate quite quickly, so its not unpleasant.

This is a very, very thick cream, due to the high concentration of Shea Butter, which is what makes this mask super moisturising. Once it warms, it spreads like a dream and envelopes your skin in its plant based lovely-ness.

I have skin that borders on sensitive, so I was a bit worried that the essential oils would irritate my skin. And upon initial application there was definitely some tingling, but only for a few seconds. The tingling was replaced with a lovely cool feeling and my skin didn't feel at all irritated. I do suspect that sensitive skins will not like this, mainly because of the oils.

I followed the instructions on the back of the pack, which contains 15ml's of product. After cleansing, I applied a fairly thick layer of this to my face. I only needed to use about a third of the packet, it spreads like a dream and it goes a long way. So be sure to only open a small corner and fold it over and clip it to keep it fresh. Then I went about my business for 15 minutes.

Using a warm face-cloth, I wiped it off. It comes of easily, with no residue or heavy feeling. My face felt really good afterwards. Soft and velvety and plumped up. I didn't feel the need to use a moisturiser straight after as my skin felt comfortable enough without it, but I finished with a few drops of tissue oil anyways... for ekshtra moisshh-turising shheee (imagine old style brooklyn gangshta voice).

I have used this three times now (I finished the whole packet in other words), and I am glad I decided to get 2 moisture masks, cos my skin is not sore and dry like it usually is at the start of the cold weather. It didn't make me break out, my skin felt well moisturised after and I liked the botanical smell.

 I haven't left it on overnight yet, I love my pillow cases far too much to subject them to long periods of grease. I sleep on my stomach, and I have nice pillow cases. So I will try this when I get old pillow case.

This is deffo worth the purchase if you are in need of a quick fix and are on a budget.

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