Sunday, 6 November 2011

mad world....

So I have managed to move house.

After losing it completely and going bat-shit-psycho-postal on the supposed "management agents", we are officially IN the new house.

We enlisted the help of a moving company to move the furniture (gold medal to the person who came up with that idea) and between my 25 yr old nephew and I, we moved the boxes.

Holy Cow... Did we move boxes. Because these boxes seemed the breed everytime I walked out of a room.

We lived in that house for exactly 13 months. How on earth we managed to accumulate so much stuff is beyond me. I threw out so much paper and stuff that was literally cluttering our lives. I donated old kids clothes and bedding and toys. I re-distributed various items of sentiment that I couldn't bear to part with permanently.

Its done now. I have 3 boxes left to unpack, and then that is the last of the boxes in the new (warm) house.

I only lost 1 nail in the move, and I was able to salvage it due to my earlier planning of carrying a nail file in my pocket for the whole of the move. Clever Girl.

Anyways.... I leave you with this song to round off the weekend....

its an oldie but a goodie..

Much love for the week ahead peeps.


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