Monday, 7 November 2011

left overs....

this is a completely inappropriate post for a Monday morning. Which is why I feel completely justified scheduling this post for 9am on a Monday Morning.

Last Monday morning saw me raise my head from my pillow when my kids came gambolling into my room, bright and early (7am) and then hastily lower it back down again, roughly knee my husband in the ribs and hoarsely slur that I was in no fit state to be removing my body from the position it had fallen into at some earlier time in the morning. It was definitely morning when I turned off the tv and zig-zagged (wall banister wall bannister trip bannister wall wall stumble) my way up the stairs giggling like a 4yr old.

This was after consuming a full bottle of Vanilla vodka and 2litres of OJ. And possibly 8shots of vodka and coca cola (poured by a very inebriated person who calls himself a friend but was really just trying to get me drunk so I could relax and have fun)... All this is a few short hours.

This resulted in me posting a very embarrassing cool music video just after midnight when everybody was sound asleep in their cosy  beds. Ah well.

After spending most of Monday moving very slowly and gingerly, I almost promised that I would never drink again. *almost*.

After discovering a bit of vodka lurking at the back of the fridge, and knowing that I had exactly one shot of Kahlua left in a bottle in the rack and plenty of milk and ice, I decided to get back on the proverbial bicycle with a mostly healthy* cocktail.

 Its healthy cos it has milk in it**.

All you need is: -

- 1 measure of vodka
- 1 measure of Kahlua
Loads of Ice
4 Measures of milk.

Ice in Glass

Kahlua in Glass

Vodka in Glass with Ice and Kahlua

Method: Bung it all in a glass and enjoy.


* - I am not a doctor
** I am DEFINITELY NOT a doctor.

1 comment:

  1. That looks feckin delicious!

    Also looks like it'd blow your socks off, thats my favourite kind of delicious :D


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