Wednesday, 23 November 2011

keeping it clean..

I am loving Oh I am loving them! Prices are reasonable, delivery charges are marginal (measley €3 for Ireland), with free delivery on orders over €50, free returns if you are not happy, 3 free samples with every order, a rewards programme and fantastically fast delivery. What's not to love?!?!?!

In my last order, I decided to try a shower gel from the quirky range Anatomicals. One of their other offerings was reviewed by Lorrrrrraine on her blog, John, It's Only Make-up! and she liked it. If its good enough for her...

For my €6, I decided on the Rose & Jasmine body cleanser. Body Cleanser, not Shower Gel. Silly me.

 The packaging is mostly retro and very cute. It practically SCREAMS girl. Its Pink. Bright Pink.  The copy is quirky and clever. I like it.

The scent of this is very reminiscent of Vinolia Soap. I am not sure if you ever got this in Ireland, but In South Africa, if you had a cake of Vinolia Soap you were living the life. This smells exactly like the rose soap. I don't get much of the jasmine smell in this, just a lot of rose. And its not a very sweet rose smell either. It puts me in mind of 1940's glamour. Very grown up. After use I am left with a very faint smell of rose clinging to me. For me its comforting.

 3 pumps dispenses just the right amount of rose pink gel onto my Penneys Scrubby gloves to clean my whole self, from my button nose (I wish I had a button nose) to my tippy toes, and all the bits in-between.

this is one pump

 Because this is a sulfate- free product, it doesn't lather up into loads of bubbles, but it also doesn't strip the moisture from your skin. So after cleansing my body with this yummy rose scented gel, I didn't feel like my skin was shrinking and crying out for body lotion.

 Did I mention how much I liked the packaging? Its quirky and pretty and stands out in the shower. When this is finished, I will probably be decanting my next shower gel into this bottle, just because I like the bottle so much.


  1. Another fan of Cloud 10 Beauty here, could not believe how quickly they got my order out to me, actually unbelievable. I haven't tried any anatomicals stuff yet, but I'm a sucker for good packaging and this looks lovely, am on a spending ban (for myself) but sure if one just happened to find it's way into my next order, I don't think that'd be my fault.... :) x


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