Wednesday, 30 November 2011

handbag hero

Lip Balm is a winter essential. Essential I tell you! I always have at least one with me. Most people do. I don't just use it on my lips though, I use it on my cuticles (while I am waiting to collect the kids from school), I use it on my nose (not straight from the tube mind) in cold weather, I use it on my elbows, on cuts and grazes when out and about. Lip Balm is a beauty essential.

There are many to choose from, to suit all budgets all flavours and all textures.

Since I am always on a budget, I am Really (yes with a capital R) liking Theraputic Conditioning Balm from E.L.F. At €1.70 or £1.50 for 2g of balm, its on the cheaper side of the scale, and If you are watchful, you can pick them up for as little as €0.90 or £0.70 when ELF issues its discount codes. These are well worth their full price though.

The formulation contains Shea Butter and Vitamins A & E, so this glides on without pulling and leaves a lovely film of balm that softens and moisturises as it sinks into your lips. This is a very slippy balm though, so I don't know how it would work under a lipstick, but over a matte lipstick this would put back moisture that matte lippies are notorious for removing. 

You have 4 "flavours" to choose from: Strawberry, Vanilla, Orange & Blackberry. I have Vanilla and Raspberry and I love the smell of both. They are initially quite strong straight out of the tube, but it does die down to a subtle scent that leaves you licking your lips in hopes of getting a taste of the yummy smell. They don't taste horrible either, but I wouldn't go eating them with a spoon or anything...

The Blackberry one smells very much like the smell you used to get off brand-spanking new plastic dolls. Sweet and Luscious. My Blackberry one has had a bit of a hard time. It went through the washing machine. Twice. Yes yes I forget to check my pockets before I put stuff in the wash. Its also been through the tumble-drier. And after I scraped it out of the lid and stuffed it back into the tube its still going really really well. It still smells lovely and works a treat.

The Vanilla one is a true vanilla scent for me. The kind of smell you get when you open up a vanilla pod and set it in a pot of warm milk to infuse. Warm and scrumptious. Totally edible. 

I only have a small problem with the Vanilla one. It is white. It would have been better as a clear or opaque balm, but this is white. So it leaves a white film on you lips. So I don't keep this in my bag, or next to my chair or in the car. Thankfully the vanilla scent is a warm and snuggly one, so I keep it next to my bed. And use it at night before I settle down with my book or my Professor Layton :)

Top - Blackberry, Bottom - Vanilla, this is swiped 4 times.
I like that these are slim little fella's that pop easily into my pocket, wallet or bag. I like the way they keep my lips moisturised and kissable (himself also likes the smell).


  1. These sound great value! I love the smell of vanilla:)

  2. I <3 Professor Layton! (except when I get stuck and have to get up and google things). I actually have one of these, somewhere... haha I just remembered while reading this that my sister used to eat chapstick when we were little (random weird info) :)


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