Saturday, 12 November 2011

coco-nutty yumm-ness...

A few weeks ago I was the lucky recipient of a give-away from The OPI Junkie. I got a whole whack of stuff :) including my first "grown-up" purse (I am usually in possession of something very much like a velcro rip one) Yay!!! Thanks Sarah!

The thing that I am using more than this purse, is this offering from ELF. Its the Studio Conditioning Lip Balm spf15 in mellow melon.

It smells nothing like melon. NOTHING! But it does remind me of tanning oil. Specifically Piz Buin Tanning Oil (from the 70's and 80's). The stuff our parents used to baste each other in and then go and lie in the sun for 3 hours, and roast. A rich coconut scent. The other thing it reminds me of is Malibu. The drink you mix with Sprite or 7 Up.

So when ever I use this weighty little gem on my lips, no matter how grey, wet or dreary the day may be (and in Ireland there are many, many of those), if I close my eyes, I can imagine the sun beating down on me and an ice cocktail sweating in my hand as I lie under a palm tree...

This is not something that you would misplace in your bag. Its big. And if thrown in anger, this pot Will do some damage.

When you twist the lid off, it takes a bit of effort, which is nice, cos you know its not just going to come off while its banging about in the bottom of your bag. I love the little leaf detail on the protective covering.

Containing vitamins A & E, this is a very conditioning balm. It is pretty well pigmented as well and so does give a great colour wash. For notoriously colour-shy me, its a great way to be a bit daring with colour.

My lips feel soft and moisturised, the taste is vaguely reminiscent of coconut, not unpleasant and I like that it has an spf. I am really liking this. Really. I strongly suspect the female members of my family will be getting these little pots as a gift for a popular holiday coming up in, oh, 43 or so days.

This retails on the website for £3.50 and you get 7.5g of product in this pretty pot. You can choose from 6 colours. And I am glad I won this as its not a colour I would have chosen for myself. But its so pretty on and is already a favourite.

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  1. Thanks for the mention,

    I agree it smells nothing like melon, I have this one too. Great for deep condtioning.


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