Monday, 24 October 2011

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Ah well... it should probably read SMH

Or Save My Hair.

I decided over the summer to go blonde gradually. And then I remembered that I did this when I was much younger by home-highlighting my hair once a month.

This was mostly self inflicted torture. I have lots of hair. It is thick and wavy, and 15 years ago it was long, down-past-my-shoulders-long. And in those days they had... *insert dramatic duhn duhn duhn* The Cap.

 So every 4 or so weeks I would subject myself to the torture of my mom punching a crochet needle through the cap, into my scalp and tugging a chuck of hair through a tiny hole for about 25 minutes. I wanted lots of blonde streaks. On went the bleach & peroxide mix and I would sit with a plastic shopping bag on my head for about 35 - 40 minutes. Then came the "fun" part of trying to get this commercially available, legal, modern day torture device off my head, past the tangled mess of dry, bleached straw.

I would first run my head under the tap with the cap still on. Then I would lather up with the cheapest shampoo that my mom would have in the house. Okay the only shampoo we had in the house. Rinse. Then Apply 2 handfuls of conditioner and pry the cap off my head. All the while wincing, crying and swearing "NEVER TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!"

Eventually it would come off and I would rejoice in my blondness. And somehow over the course of a year, I managed to get the most gorgeous honey tones though my hair. And I was BLONDE.

Back to the present. Or the near past rather. I got my mitts on some blonde hair dye, did a box bleach job at home, waited 4 weeks then got my ass off to the hairdresser and had her put a whole head of highlights in for me. Then I waited 6 weeks and dyed the mop more blonde again. And then I got bored.

My hair is a wreck. Despite using weekly moisture treatments my hair feels like straw. I don't wash my hair everyday, I don't use the straighteners more than once a week. I rarely use the hairdryer.

I changed my shampoo to a richer formulation for coloured hair. I changed my conditioner to one for bleached hair. And it still felt awful. In fact my scalp didn't like the the shampoo or conditioner and itched like a sum-bitch.

And then I went and looked at some photo's of me when I was young and blonde. And realised, not for the first time.. that Blonde never actually suited me. Face palm. And one for luck... face palm.

With that out of the way and my personal blonde ambition over for another 10 years, I popped out to my local pharmacy to find a nice brunette colour. I couldn't find one that I really reeeely liked. So I wandered around and spotted these....

A TRESemme Cleanse and Replenish double pack for €4.50. Two 500ml bottles for €4.50. Budget fitting? Check.  I have heard good things about these guys so I happily purchased and went home to try.

The Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo (all hair types) is a clear green gel, gentle enough to leave my hair feeling really clean, without irritating my scalp (which for some obscure reason has decided to go all sensitive on me). It smells just like the stuff they use on my local Salon. hmmm... er... it probably is what they use in my local salon.

The Pro Vitamin B5 & Aloe Remoisturise Conditioner (for all hair types) is lovely It rinses out really easily, and left my hair smelling really clean.

So I used the products and didn't expect much. I left my hair to dry in its own time and went to bed with it still a bit damp. Normally this results in my hair needing to be seriously tamed.

So when I got up the next morning, I was shocked at the state of my hair...

Sleek and tame and soft. I still needed a bit of serum to tame some fly-aways that I normally need to use heat for. I was really pleased.

After a week and 3 washes, my hair still feels really good. I am in desperate need of a trim (its been nearly 8 weeks), but I am really pleased with the condition.

Since I plan on straightening my hair a bit more regularly I am going to be using this serum from Avon.

And then I had another face palm moment. I opened the nozzle, and gave the tube a squeeze... nothing. A shake and a squeeze then. Still nothing. Cue me swearing at the thickness of the dried out gloop contained in the effing useless bottle. Then I screwed off the lid and found this...

Ha. Nifty. They sealed it to stop it from leaking. Genius. After opening the "sealed for your protection" seal, I got the serum out. I will let you know how I get on with this...


  1. I was laughing reading this! Every now and then I decide I want blond highlights and buy the wella box! Never quite the colour I imagine it will be!!

  2. Hahaha the amount of times I've done that with sealed things... I've used a few bits from that Avon range before and their serum is BRILLIANT. I can't remember if that's the same one as I used, but I've got hair like something that's just had a massive electric shock, and that stuff tamed it right down. Orofluido have good stuff for conditioning hair too. Good luck with it!


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