Tuesday, 4 October 2011

note to self...

I just happened to be in my local pharmacy the other day...

Ah who am I kidding.

 I got dressed and filled my back pocket with my €2 coins I had been squirrelling away for the purpose of getting cheapo bits and pieces from the essence stand in my local enablers pharmacy. I marched right over to the stand, picked up the bits that I wanted, paid with my coins and hot-footed it home to play with my new (hard bloody earned) goodies.

The essence Multi -Action False Lashes Mascara has been getting fairly high praise amongst the bloggers. I opened the bit I was most interested in and visibly deflated.  It was dry. And it wouldn't even swatch on my hand never mind my lashes. poop.

Standing there, in my kitchen, I realised that I had grabbed the very top tube on the pile. Which is something I NEVER do. Ah-ha... I acknowledge my senior moment. Briefly.

Not a hassle. Since I am such a good customer at said pharmacy (I should have shares there), I decided to take it back and see if I could get it swapped for one from the back of the pile.

:) Not a question asked. Not an eyelid blinked. Emma picked on from the back and checked that the seal was intact. Um yes. These little tubes have a small seal covering the lid and tube. A Seal. That I never even looked for.
See... there it is

bold as brass

Yep. I picked up the tester. Thank goodness I didn't use it on my lashes.

 In hindsight, the girl who helped me when I originally paid for the items should have noticed, but I know her so well we were having a good old gab about the weather and TLF's progress, so I can completely forgive her oversight as I was a distraction.

Anyways... here is my mascara. It will join my other mascara. I haven't actually used it yet (as soon as I do I will post) but its safe to say I am a happy bunny.

Note to self (and my readers) : Please, please, Look for the seal on things before you pay for cosmetics.

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