Tuesday, 11 October 2011

macintosh mani...

on the coat tails of the fab YSL mani, I saw the easiest way to re-create this mani without the ridiculous price tag over on MissGreenEyes Blog.

I was hoping to do this myself this morning, but the rain that was bucketing down put me off going to get the matte top coat needed to complete the look. But I had a need. A neeeed I tell you...

But then I happened to look up at my trusty mac hanging on its peg under the stairs and I had a little light bulb moment. My Mac is a beige colour with nice big black buttons. Hmm......

Cue 2 coats of Essence Denim Wanted! nail polish in shade 02 I love my jeans (its a limited ed). Strategic placement of ordinary french manicure strips over the tips of the nail on one hand and painting one fairly even coat of Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 230 Clay-ton, My Hero.

 eh.... I clearly should have though this through a bit and only done it on one nail and checked that I liked the finish as I ended up smudging the lot. poop.

Oh wait!!!! I have TWO hands, Lucky me...

After figuring I would use my ring finger and my thumb as an accent, I got to work. Perfect.

I am loving the finished effect. And although you can't really see it I like the idea of juxtaposing the gold and silver undertones.

The Essence polish is a lovely black colour shot through with lots of extremely fine silver shimmer. It's extremely subtle (something I seem to be very fond of) and not at all noticeable. Its a black that is not boring and I like it on its own too. the only thing that lets it down is tip wear. This needs a top coat STAT. Before you do anything you need to give it a top coat to prevent wear.

The Catrice offering is, one of my favourites. I love this goldy sludgey muddy nude-y colour. The gold in it is also very subtle, with opacity in two coats its one of my faves. I love wearing this colour on my nails. the gold comes out when the sun shines on it and its a really pretty shade.

Anyways, this is my nod the the good old mac. Its no tuxedo, but it goes with almost everything... just like my mac :)

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  1. Ooh it's gorgeous! I love muddy colours like that, Catrice have a few lovely ones. Thanks for the mention missus, hope you manage to find the matte top coat! :)


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