Tuesday, 27 September 2011

wish upon a star...

I like to have pretty colours on my nails. I know I am not the only woman who does, so here is something subtle and different..
Ring was a gift... To me, From me :)

I discovered Konad Nail Art plates towards the end of last year. I am hooked. The Brand does a fantastic array of image plates, so you should find something to appease your inner artist or even the occasion you may be attending. The kit is easy to use and with a bit of practice you can create the most fantastic looking nails. Or you can just keep it simple. I  <3 <3 <3 (those are hearts btw) the fact that they have a French Mani Nail plate (post on these later in the week).

Anyways... this is the end result:

And this is what I used:

Base coat & Top coat: Avon Gold Strength (RRP: €6.50, but I got mine on special a while back for €2.50)
Main Nail Colour: Catrice Nail Enamel Shade 490 Iron Mermaiden (RRP €2.79)
Stars: Avon Matte Nailwear in Shade Violetta (RRP €8, but you can get this on special I paid €4), with Konad Image plate M3 (RRP €8.95, I managed to get mine on offer...again :) ).

 I basically just used the same image and stamped it multiple times over the same nail.

Unfortunately, my photography skills are seriously lacking... try as I might (I took about 30 pics) I can't capture the different colours that Iron Mermaiden gives. Depending on the light and how you hold your fingers, you get purple, gold and a goldish green playing about your nail. I like it. Its different without screaming in your face. And its cheap as chips. It dries quickly if you make your coats nice and thin, but you then need 3 coats for total opacity. I do love this colour and have been playing with it for a while, layering it over various other colours for different effects.

Konad also does a range of Special stamping polishes, stickers, gems etc that should satisfy the needs of any sparkle-aholic. The range is also available in many pharmacies Ireland. The stamping kit is uber easy to use and you can't really go wrong. You don't need fantastically steady hands to do some pretty spectacular nail art. Head over to their Facebook Page to see what I mean.

So... not bad for 30minutes work ,start to finish, including drying time and running out to fetch a child from pre-school (which is where the middle finger smudge comes from)...What do you think?


  1. Just discovered your blog and wanted to say that it's great.

    I really like this nail look and I love that Catrice Iron Maiden polish too.

  2. Wow, thanks Cornflake Girl! Its deffo a work in progress.

    btw are you by any chance a Tori Amos fan?


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