Sunday, 25 September 2011

the only thing for a rainy day...

So its a miserable day in County Louth, Ireland today. The rain has really set in and it looks like its likely to stick around for the rest of the day.

To cheer the family up, I decided to bake. This is my take on's fantastic classic - Flourless Brownies.

I didn't have good quality dark choc, I just used cooking choc. I only had ordinary butter not the unsalted kind and  I used brown sugar as opposed to caster sugar (it makes it more fugdey). I also committed the cardinal sin of not sieving my almonds and cocoa powder together. I just gave it a stir. 

this is what you need to do: 
200g/7oz  Butter, diced
250g/9oz  Dark Chocolate
200g/7oz Brown Sugar
3 Large Eggs
125g/4.5oz Ground Almonds
50g/1.75oz Cocoa Powder

utensils optional :)

 1.  Preheat the oven to 160C/Gas Mark 4.  Line a brownie tray with foil.
2.  Place the butter into a pan and set over a medium heat until melted. 
3.  Remove from the heat and use a bit of butter to grease the lined brownie tray.

4.  Add the chocolate to the butter, stirring occasionally until melted.

5.  In a separate bowl whisk the caster sugar and eggs using a hand held whisk until creamy.

6.  Add the chocolate mixture to the egg and sugar mixture and mix gently until well combined.

7.  Stir the ground almonds and the cocoa powder together and gently mix through to combine.

8.  Pour into the prepared tray and smooth out.  Place into the preheated oven and bake for 25 to 30 minutes. There should be a thin crisp layer on the top and the brownie should still have a bit of wobble under that.

9.  Remove from the oven and try to allow this to cool on a wire rack before removing from the tray and cutting into these gooey bits of chocolatey happiness. Just the thing for a rainy day...

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