Friday, 23 September 2011

made to stay... oh happy days...

 About 3 weeks ago I wandered into my local pharmacy and had a wee look-see at the Catrice and Essence stands. I am fortunate enough to have a pharmacy who stocks these brands in my area, and even more fortunate that the girls who work there are neat freaks like me and like to keep things tidy... so the stands are always pretty well stocked, clean and neat...  happy days.

I went in for a cheapie foundation to tide me over until I could afford my usual smashbox one when I spotted something new on the stand. Since I couldn’t find a foundation shade to suit me, I decided to spend my €8 on two of these beauties... 

Catrice Made To Stay Long Lasting Eyeshadow. I am loving all over your little glass potted asses. I picked up two shades 040 (Lord of the Blings) and 050 (Metall of Honor). And for your €3.99 (per pot) you get 5g of mousse-y creamy goodness.

 I have fairly oily lids and I cannot even get primer to stay on my lids, I am also a serial eye rubber and “rest-my-cheek-upon-my-hand-er. So I was really not expecting much from this little jar. But I was so wrong. I applied 040 to the eyelid (the moveable bit of your eye) with my clean ring finger (its mine and I am not sharing it with anyone) and smudged it in a little. Applied liner and mascara and promptly forgot about it.

I then proceeded to have ‘one of those days’ with my kids, which resulted in much eye rubbing, silent counting to 10 and covering of my face with my hands so that I could contain my sarcasm. Once the kids are in bed I generally wash my face and put on my night cream... shock-horror....I still had eye makeup on.  Colour me Impressed. Yes, Impressed with a capital I. I had a really good look at it then and discovered it hadn't even creased! And then it came off off easily enough with my good old No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. 

Shade 040 is a shimmery silvery champagne colour that can be built up for serious in your face bling (it is called Lord of the Bling). A good all over colour and a great day shade that is subtle but pretty.
Shade 050 is a khaki/browny shade with just a hint of metallic to it. It is pretty when blended out to a light wash, but it really shines when you layer it on and let its metallic beauty shine.

I get it out of the pot in one of two ways (depending on how much time I have)...I either use my clean ring finger and pat it on (I always wash my hands after applying my foundation, always) or I use a cheapie shadow brush from a kit my husband bought for me one Christmas and pat it on. I have heard that using a concealer brush is a great way to apply cream shadows.  Since I don’t yet own a concealer brush I cannot comment.

There are 6 shades on offer and for €3.99 I think these are fantastic value.

I must also be honest though and say I have very limited experience with luxury brands but this really really impressed me.

Have you tried these? What do you think?

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  1. I love these, I picked up three of the colours a few weeks back and intend to pick the rest up in the next week or two.


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