Thursday, 29 September 2011

chicken soup for the soul...?

Feeling particularly lazy, and a bit rushed (had to get to my GG meeting), I decided to make soup for dinner.

Not just any soup. Not frozen home made soup (yeah, I didn't have any). I went with the garden variety Packet kind.

They are pretty idiot proof. The instructions are on the packet and they are clear.

Put pot on stove
Pour powder into pot
dropped the spoon - fail

Magic instrument - whisk

Add water whilst stirring (I add 1 pint water, half pint milk).
Bring to boil
Turn down the heat and cover
Simmer for 5 mins

no mess no fuss.

Finished product

I decided to supplement the veg by adding some frozen peas and corn (just a handful of each). The kids didn't notice the addition (yay) and it was summarily scoffed (after the addition of 2 star shaped ice blocks to cool things down, Thanks Ikea).

 And it didn't taste like dishwater at all. It turned out tasty enough. Even the husband didn't complain.

 If I had it, I would have added a bit of left over shredded chicken just to really bulk it up.

As it was, I just buttered some good old Irish bread (you don't know it, but the Irish make the best bread) and Bobs your Aunty.
Or your Uncle.
 Or maybe its Murphy....


  1. Just found your blog recently, tis lovely :)
    I don't use this on its own, I find it really salty, but it's feckin gorgeous if you throw a load of leftover roast chicken, spuds, veg into a big pot, boil it all up then thicken it up with this. Yummmmmmmy :)

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Will deffo try your way too!


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