Friday, 30 September 2011

breakfast of champions...

My significant other has recently given up wheat and all products containing wheat. His gut is thanking him for it, and I don't have to buy stomach cramp medication any more.

The kids get porridge or cereal, so he makes his own breakfasts in the mornings and they are normally of the high protein variety (bacon & eggs). Normally he just cooks for himself, but every now and again I come down the stairs (normally bleary eyed and groping blindly for my 2nd cup of coffee*) and I find a little surprise waiting for me...

its a most unusual combination for breakfast, but it works... and I like that he preps the avocado for me by cutting and salting it.

I probably don't say this enough to him so:

Thanks Hun. You Rock.

* he brings me my first cup of coffee while I am in the bedroom waking up or getting dressed. I think I bagged a good one.


  1. You definitely bagged a good one.

    Not sure if he just cut wheat out on his own or if he saw his doctor, if not then it might be worth getting tested for Coeliac Disease (but he'd have to return to eating wheat for a while so it'd so up in the tests).

  2. He actually decided to do the Paleo diet to help him cut a bit of weight for one of his tournaments and discovered by accident that it makes him feel better. Happy accident really :)

  3. Ah, glad it's working for him though.


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