Wednesday, 28 September 2011

AC / DC ...

like my artistic shadow?
Like most moms living in small villages who don't really know a lot of people (okay probably only me), the only place I really get to wear make-up is on the school run.

This is a popular look with me. It take me around 20 minutes to do. It takes me 20 minutes because I am generally interrupted about 6 times. If I wasn't interrupted it would probably take around 7 minutes.

Small confession... there is no DC in this post. and the AC stands for Avon and Catrice. I only realised this as I was taking the pics for this post.

Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h (030 caramel beige €6.99) - this smells lovely and fruity. Great coverage, without being cakey or drying. And it hides the worst of my pigmentation and makes it look like freckles.
Not sure about the 18hr claim though, I am a terribly face-rub-er-er.

Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow (shade 050 €3.99)
- L O V I N G this. Easy to use I have already raved bout it here. used this on the moving part of my eyelid.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour (shade 090 bring me frosted cake €3.29) - A matte white shade with a faint pink undertone. I like this colour as a shimmer-free highlighter. Its pretty without being in our face. Like as an all over colour as well :)

Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner (blackest black €8 ) This is my 2nd one of these. The liner is soft and creamy. Easy to smudge or just to draw a straight line. Once it sets though its hard to budge. Cream/Balm cleaner is the best way to get this off. The colour can be subtle or really really dramatic.

Avon Super Extend Mascara (Black/brown €11 ) Also my 2nd one of these. This is an odd one. It has tiny fibers mixed into the mascara that are supposed to stick to your lashes and make them look longer. Doesn't really make mine look longer, but it does give good definition. 1 coat gives a lovely day look. 2 coats needs combing to avoid looking a bit clumpy. Since I am just doing the school run... 1 coat suits me just fine.

Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Brow Styler (Slate €8.50) A waxy brow pencil that I lightly feather over my brows to fill in empty bits and just define my brows a bit. As it is waxy it holds my brows in place nicely.
l - r : Glimmerstick liner, Brow styler, Super Extend

Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder (010 rose beige €4.99) - A soft silky powder with 5 different shades in it that blend nicely to provide a lovely matte finish over the skin. I use this over my T zone to control oil and set foundation

And to finish...

Avon Pro Colour and Gloss Duo (perfect nude €13.50) This is my perfect nude. Yes I said it. MY PERFECT NUDE.

I know it looks a bit suspect...

 Its the cleverest design I have seen in a duo product in a while. A lipstick billet with a hollow center where the gloss thingy (very technical term that). You put your colour on the squeeze the bottom of the tube and the gloss comes out...

I love the colour. It is sheer, but its creamy and not at all drying. The gloss is a nice finishing touch to the colour. Its not too sticky, but then I only use the gloss in the middle of my lips, sparingly. Handy for the handbag.

I took multiple pics of my face, and I am still trying to find the best way to take my own portrait pics...

And all of the avon product I have managed to get on offer. I try to get my Avon things on offer. and if I find something I like I then get 3 of them while they are on offer.

Catrice is stocked by Dunnes and pharmacies around Ireland.


  1. Great look, I love those Catrice Made to Stay eyshadows too. I must pick up Bring Me Frosted Cake at the weekend, it's a really pretty colour.

  2. its a pretty sheer colour. I have very yellow tones eyelids and I use this to make them a bit less yellow and highlight under my eyebrows.


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